Core Values and Mission Statement

Client Relationships:

  • We are 100% committed to providing our clients with exceptional professional services that consistently meet and exceed expectations for each job.
  • We are in an industry that can have major physical and emotional impact on individual health and well-being. However, we will never exaggerate environmental conditions in a building or intimidate people into expending their funds for our mold diagnostics and remediation or air quality improvement services.
  • We have high standards of honesty, integrity, and ethics and will not compromise those professional standards.
  • We recognize the importance of educating our community about potential hazards of mold and related conditions in residential and commercial structures and have collected information to share you.

Employee Relationships: Meet the Team (Coming soon!)

  • We are a family oriented organization that treat our employees with respect and protect them from the health hazards that may be involved in our operations.
  • We compensate the individuals who work in our company better than average for similar work in the community. This permits us to hire better quality employees; dedicated employees whose principles, work ethic and values align with our own. Recognizing the high cost of turnover, we will maintain the premium compensation in order to promote employee retention.

Community Relationships:

  • We are dedicated to our mountain community. As a company we are determined to make sure that services provided employ sustainable practices to the benefit of both clients and community.


Our mission is to inspect for and diagnose mold, fungi and odor problems professionally, quickly and at a low, reasonable cost.